"All about New Zealand's Sea life" Dave Gunson


New Zealand children grow up to have a special affinity with the marine environment; contact with the sea offers many opportunities to witness seals, whales, seabirds, fish and other species. All About New Zealand's Sea Life, written and illustrated by artist, children's book writer and nature lover Dave Gunson, introduces around 60 of our most interesting or spectacular sea creatures and plants. Each page features one large or two or three smaller illustrations accompanied by about 100 words. All About New Zealand's Sea Life is the latest title in the 'All about' series of illustrated children's nature books from Dave Gunson and New Holland, which to date includes Birds, Trees, Insects and Other Creepy-crawlies, Seashore and Life of the Past.
Corals -- Sea stars -- Barnacles -- Sea slugs -- Crayfish -- Tunicates -- Crabs -- Nautilus -- Squid -- Octopus -- Shellfish -- Seaweed -- Reptiles -- Birds -- Fish -- Mammals.

Dave Gunson is a prolific author of children's books. His repertoire includes such classics as Dave Gunson's New Zealand Wildlife, Kiwi of the Great Forest and Lost Worlds of Aotearoa. Dave has also illustrated many other authors' books, including Which New Zealand Bird? by natural history guru Andrew Crowe.
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