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Eco Shop

Visit our Eco Shop at Peachgrove Road, jam-packed with products to help you live more sustainably.
In 2008 Matthew and Waveney embarked on a year long challenge to live rubbish free. As part of their journey they developed the rubbish free website which contains a how to guide and lots of useful tips and hints. The Waikato Environment Centre now administer the sales for the website. Nearly all the products for sale within our physical store in Peachgrove Road are available online.


Future Living Conversations

The Waikato Environment Centre offers facilitated Introductory workshops exploring creative fun ways to care for the planet and even save money!
The workshops run over 8 weeks, each week focusing on a new topic on sustainable living. For example, previous workshops have included: Growing fruit trees in the city; Energy Efficiency; Water use and the impacts of use; Travel choices; Waste Minimisation; Eco Design for building; Community resilience; and Food.
We have 8 future living conversations planned for this winter, running May - June. If you are interested in attending please contact Tania

To read more about our past workshops please check out our blog posts.
Growing your own food.


RSVP now to Tania:
(07) 839 4452

Permaculture Design Certificate

The previous Hamilton Permaculture Trust are now operating as an informal group from the Waikato Environment Centre. Activities which were coordinated by the Hamilton Permaculture Trust including the Permaculture Design Certificate continue to be offered through the Waikato Environment Centre.

To see an internationally recognised demonstration of urban permaculture featuring fruit trees, chicken tractor, solar power, bees and aquaculture, visit the Sustainable Bank Yard at the Hamilton Garden. Guided tours can be arranged for groups through the Waikato Environment Centre.

For more information on any education opportunities or to book please contact us or check our website.

Sustainable Living


The Waikato Environment Centre coordinate the annual EnviroExpo at The Waikato Show. The Waikato Show is a celebration of our region's culture from our rural traditions to our modern day lifestyles, providing unique experiences for everyone. Each year the public from around the region and Hamilton city join together to enjoy well-being and lifestyle expo's, children's activities, animal experiences, entertainment, carnival fun, shopping and much more.
If you would like to be involved at next years EnviroExpo please contact Anna on 07 839 4452 or look at our website.

Waikato TimeBank

TimeBanking is a mutual volunteering system which uses time as a measure of trade. Members of a TimeBank exchange services in a pay it forward way, sharing skills, knowledge, talents and time within the community. Within a TimeBank everyone's time is valued equally, so one hour of dog walking = one hour of painting = one hour of computer tutoring etc. Anyone can join Waikato TimeBank, individuals, families, social service agencies, clubs, community groups, even commercial organisations. TimeBanking is based on the premise that everyone within a community can be a builder and a contributor. For more information visit the Waikato TimeBank website.


WEC E-Cycle
We now take single use, rechargeable, coin lithium and silver oxide batteries; energy efficient light bulbs; toner cartridges; fluorescent tubes and electronic devices for recycling at WEC.

All items are recycled ethically to Ministry for Environment Standards. Many go to a social enterprise at South Waikato Achievement Centre in Tokoroa who employ disadvantaged people. Please note, doing the right thing does cost a little more, please see the price list below for details.

We can pick up your E waste for an extra $15.
Everyday significant amounts of food that is good enough to eat but not good enough to sell is needlessly disposed of. We rescue this food from suppliers and redistribute it to community organisations working with people in need. Protecting the planet and feeding the people is good for our community, good for the environment and good for businesses who work with sustainability and social justice values in mind. If you want more information please visit our website.


Exciting Bat Research Project

Project Echo
The Hamilton city bat research project is a staged research programme with the primary aims of
  1. increasing knowledge of the distribution and habitat use of Hamilton city long-tailed bats, and
  2. monitoring log-term trends in activity at key monitoring sites.
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