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How our food choices impact our environment

June 27, 2017
Essential for life, health and enjoyment but is our food as wholesome as we would like to believe? Our food choices impact our health and the health of our environment and planet....
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Thriving by Nature

a new Permaculture Design Certificate course

We are proud to announce that we have been busy revising the course and re-writing the curriculum to better suit our community. Join us in August to begin learning to apply the social and environmental lens of permaculture principles and design to create practical solutions for everyday urban life. Our tutors and guest speakers are experts in their field - like Finn MacKesy from Auckland Permaculture Workshop and Ian Mayes, Hamilton City Council's Eco Design Advisor. More...

What do we do?

The Waikato Environment Centre provides community education, collaborates with and supports environmental groups and projects, provides inspiration for living lighter, advocates on behalf of the environment, provides a depot for recycling electronic devices, batteries, light bulbs, toner cartridges, and runs Kaivolution Food Rescue.

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